Shock protection, lightning protection

  • Organize the periodic and systematic investigations about shock protection and lighting protection, prepair the documentation
  • Organize the investigation about new instruments
  • Periodic monitoring of electric power tools
  • Periodicly rewiew the machinery and equipment
  • Organize the lighting rewiew

Risk analysis

  • Prepare the risk analysis documents
  • Requirement about the employer
    • avoid dangerous
    • unavoidable hazard assessment
    • combat threats
    • create appropriate job places, providing protective equipment
    • substitution the dangerous to safe or less dangerous
    • Establish prevention strategy, what extends the work processes, technology, organization of work, working conditions, social networks, environmental impacts
    • Appropriate management of employees


Healt and safety services

  • Making and updateing work safety regulations
  • Maintain and document the work safety trainings, prepare the education themes
  • Conduct the start-up procedures
  • Determinate a benefit of personal and collective safety equipment
  • Investigate and registrate work accidents, prepare the protocol
  • Assess the situations of working places
  • Inspect companies how do the daily work about health and safety wiewpoint
  • Work safety advice
  • Executing approval process of warehouses, factories
  • Preliminary and periodic review of audit work equipment
  • Supply healt and safety coordinations activities
  • Full range of health and safety advice
  • Complete a full healt and safety system

Fire Protection Services

  • Prepare, review fire protection policy
  • Prepare the proper local emergency plan features and legislation
  • Retention fire protection trainings, documentation
  • Preparing fire protection examinations
  • Fire classification
  • Conduct and organize fire extinguisher investigations
  • Inspect the fire protection equipment status, done the register documents, ensure the exchange of the equipment
  • Organize the fire protection standardization study


  • We analyse environmental damage and hazard about the company activity in order to prevent
  • Elsődleges szempont a hatályos környezetvédelmi jogszabályok követelményeinek gazdaságos teljesítése
  • Economical performance of existing environmental legislation
  • Hazardous material inventory
  • Organize and introduce the selective waste collection

Choose and supply the healt and safety equipments

We help for companies to select suitable personal protective equipment corresponding to the activity to select the appropriate products.

We help to select the quality of protective equipment, get good grades, not disposable protective equipment protect your employees.